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We at Impressive Fit outs and Commercial are proud to offer you the best-customised interiors in the region. We would help you to make your office a contemporary environment that is engaging in the truest sense of the word. We can do it all ranging from interiors for multi-storied corporate offices to the smaller office spaces where the focus is mostly on making things compact. We would deliver you customised finishes that are high in quality as well. We would offer you the ideal combination of functionality and appearance.

We are specialists in all kinds of work

People know us for the high level of skill that we bring to our work. So, when you hire us to work on any such project you can expect a group of professionals whose attention to detail cannot be matched – let alone beaten. This is applicable for all the installation work that we do such as ceilings, joinery, flooring, and partitions. We always use the most innovative tools & technology and the best materials in all the projects that we work on. Therefore, people consider us to be the best option for office fit outs in Brookvale.

We assure you that the interiors that we create for you would look as good as you want them to. At the same time, they would serve all the purposes that you wish them to. Most important of all, they would not need a lot of maintenance as such.

Our Other Services


The perfect way to furnish your office, or as guest facilities in an industrial or manufacturing setting.

Free Standing Joinery

Impress your guests with incredible realistic finishes. Our doors & windows give a complete and impressive fitout to any commercial environment, including an array of joinery styles.

Pre Fabrication Office Desks

Our prefabrication office desks offer significant savings in materials, time, and money on every project.


A good wall panelling service will restore your old walls to their original look and save you money doing it.

Wall Panelling

A good wall panelling service will restore your old walls to their original look and save you money doing it.

Expertise provided by us is the best in Industry

As an organisation, we have spent more than 50 years in the fit-out industry. This is partly the reason why we know the procedures and systems that are necessary for completing your project within the right time and budget. This has also made us the most popular name for office furniture fit out in Brookvale.

We get a lot of repeat business and plenty of our satisfied customers are also gracious enough to refer us to people they know in case they are looking for a service provider in our domain. All this should be sufficient proof of how professional we are with our work and to what length we can go to give you the kind of exceptional care you deserve by being our customers. It is because of such understanding that we have risen to our present position in the office fit outs in Brookvale industry.

We offer you customised products and services

So, if you are still looking for reasons to hire us, this is the first one for sure. We tailor the project management work and our construction in such a way that our corporate and commercial clients cannot think of anyone else but us.

We are flexible and collaborative

We know that one size never fits all. This is why when we are working on those big projects we collaborate with the likes of builders, designers, architects, and retail & commercial office stores. Therefore, people always call us when they need office furniture fit out in Brookvale.

They know that we are in the best possible position to give life to the vision they have for their office.

We have an efficient workflow

We always complete your work as per the schedule that we both have agreed to. We finish the work within the allocated budget as well. This is simply because we consider both these factors to be the top priority. We always adhere to the timeline you have in mind for your office fit outs in Brookvale.

We are immensely efficient in the way that we go about our work.

We are immensely reliable as suppliers

Our tradespeople and contractors are highly skilled in the work that they are doing. So, if you wish to work with a company that offers you the highest level of safety and professionalism for your office furniture fit out project in Brookvale just get in touch with us. You could send us an email at or visit our office at 13/12 Stanton Road Seven Hills NSW 2147. You could also call us at (02) 9674 4449.

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