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Welcome to Impressive Fitouts and Commercials! We are one of the leading companies offering specialist office solutions in Australia. We are renowned for our attention to quality and constant endeavour to introduce cutting-edge products that not only serve your purpose but enhance the beauty of your premise.

At Impressive Fitouts and Commercials, we have a team of enthusiasts and zealous people striving to get best-in-class products at unmatched prices. We have more than 25 years in fit-out and joinery. Our extensive knowledge of the domain and our eye for detail make us one of the best companies for custom made office partitions in Hornsby and across Australia.

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The perfect way to furnish your office, or as guest facilities in an industrial or manufacturing setting.

Complete Commercial Joinery

Working in a healthy environment has become one of the most important aspects of our life.

Free Standing Joinery

Impress your guests with incredible realistic finishes. Our doors & windows give a complete and impressive fitout to any commercial environment, including an array of joinery styles.

Pre Fabrication Office Desks

Our prefabrication office desks offer significant savings in materials, time, and money on every project.


A good wall panelling service will restore your old walls to their original look and save you money doing it.

Wall Panelling

A good wall panelling service will restore your old walls to their original look and save you money doing it.

Glass Office Partitions with Elegant Look in North Sydney

Since work occupies such a large part of our lives in the contemporary world, many company owners want to make their workplaces more comfortable for their employees, boost productivity, and decrease stress by including glass components. Obtaining a glass office partition is one of the elements. In Australia, glass wall dividers are frequently used in business buildings. Internal sliding glass doors and room splitter partitions are innovative ways to modernise the look of your home, office, or apartment. Our sliding office partition glass doors, as North Sydney’s top glass supplier, are secure, high-quality, and available with virtually infinite glass options, including clear, frosted, back-painted, creative sandblasted, and etched panel glass.

Impressive Fit outs and Commercial specialises in creating entirely customised glass office partition wall dividers for a variety of workplace settings. Our glass solutions provide a more appealing appearance and increase visitor and possible customer trust.

A one-of-a-kind glass partition system with a traditional framed appearance and a contemporary, low-profile track. Our glass office partition system may be installed as a standalone or full-height wall. The most sophisticated track profile in the business is ours. Within the metal track, each glass panel is securely held in place. As a result, it has extremely high structural strength. A wire channel is included in the track for accessories such as switches. All our glass varieties are compatible with these glass wall systems.

Our Exceptional Key Benefits:

  • – Glass divider with a frame
  • – Doors with frames
  • – Full height or freestanding
  • – Outstanding acoustic qualities
  • – Supports a wide range of glass types
  • – Glass joints that are completely seamless
  • – Full height or freestanding
  • – A wide range of hardware options
  • – There are no limits to the number of times you can finish

Glass office partition systems have recently been proved to increase workplace productivity and mood, according to research. Through glass walls, more natural light may enter the office, filling it with positivity and settling employees’ moods. Glass wall systems allow office workers to focus more on their duties. Glass wall systems that optically enhance workplace space offers an abstract view and promotes staff communication and bonding.

So, why should you choose us?

Glass office partitions give the office a modern, clean, and attractive appearance. Our glass wall solutions at Impressive Fit outs and Commercial give a contemporary aesthetic that works with any workplace style or design. Our trendy frameless glass partitions will never go out of style, which is why more and more interior designers are using glass partitions into their designs. Our office glass barriers will remain beautiful and ultra-modern for years to come.

Our glass office partitions are designed in such a manner that it also aids in energy conservation. Because the glass we use has a high light transmission rate, our clear glass office partition helps you to save money on electricity. It also eliminates the requirement for each work location to have its own light source.

Our glass office partitions are extremely durable and dependable. Glass protection to physical impact is ensured by Impressive Fit outs and Commercial. The construction code requires that all glass panels be tempered. The internal glass walls offer the offices a modern yet timeless appearance that will amaze any customer. Even though the typical workplace area is shrinking, these glass barriers keep interiors looking elegant and expansive. The minimalist look is completed by slender frames and smoothly fitted glass doors. Coloured, custom-printed, and designer glass panels are also available for a more dramatic effect.

Please contact us via phone at (02) 9674 4449 or email at for any glass project. We provide service across North Sydney and beyond. All our estimates are free and based on your schedule.

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